Danglers Printing

Make your business centre well decorative and attractive to your customers by our best high quality danglers.

Some of sample danglers, printed at G.K Print House Pvt. Ltd for our esteemed customers.

Standard sizes

At G.K Print House Pvt. Ltd, we print danglers various custom sizes in variety of geometrical structures but sometimes print in following standard size as well.

Type Dimension
A4 210 mm × 297 mm
Value Added services

We bring a special attraction to your danglers by the following value added services.

  • UV coating
  • Eyelet fixing
  • Thread
  • Lamination(gloss or matt)
  • Shape (Custom) die punching
Why we are

We have some reasons to share you. Please read them before giving your danglers printing order to us.

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We always open our doors for printing the best quality danglers for you. So, feel free to contact us for printing your danglers in our printing company.

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