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December 12, 2017

G.K Print House gets excellent web services from Designer Ashok

G.K Print House Pvt. Ltd found a wonderful Premium professional web designer in Visakhapatnam, allowed Designer Ashok once again to redesign the existing official website to upgrade it to mobile and tablet version. Now, we are very happy to announce that our customers get much better experience with our latest professional website.

In 2004, G.K Print House Pvt. Ltd has identified the importance of an official website in promoting the company, services and activities globally. We contacted someone in Visakhapatnam to design and host our website in Internet but in 2008, it was come to our attention that our website’s design standards is outdated and did not get much result from search engines like Google, Yahoo and etc. Our Managing Director had two objects in mind and they are professional website design for G.K Print House Pvt. Ltd and result from search engines.

Managing Director of G.K Print House watches the official website of the company

We have searched for a dedicated and most experienced expert in professional website designing since 2008 but found Designer Ashok in 2013 by a business friend. Finally, the Managing Director of our company, Sri. Dandu. Ramakrishna Raju met Designer Ashok first time. Our Managing Director did not want to discuss anything with him to understand his skill and professionalism. It took 2 hours exactly and our M.D decided Designer Ashok is the right one for our website design but surprised with the cost of website design. His website design cost is double or triple to other website designers but Designer Ashok has given a clarity about it. Our Managing Director happily given advance to him.

Designer Ashok took essential data from us, spent 45 days to complete the website designing and showed it to our Managing Director. Our Managing Director was very impressed with his design and quality and finally launched it in January 2014 officially. G.K Print House Pvt. Ltd experienced a best customer service from him from 2014 to 2015. In 2015, G.K Print House Pvt. Ltd observed that the official website is playing good role in promotion, then stopped its existing web server and started getting web server service from him. G.K Print House Pvt. Ltd has been getting an excellent service from Designer Ashok since 2013 and often recommend Designer Ashok to some of our esteemed customers.

Managing Director presents an appreciation letter to Designer Ashok

In 2016, Designer Ashok designed a mobile and tablets friendly responsive website to a real estate company in Visakhapatnam and we heard from him. Our Managing Director is so excited and planned to discuss with him about it and the day has come in November 2017. Our Managing Director once again met Designer Ashok and does not worry about the budget this time and given advance to him without any hesitation. Designer Ashok collected the data from us by bringing professional photo and videographers and become silent for 30 days once again.

Our Managing Director has received a call from him on December 11, 2017 and met him in an official meeting on December 12, 2017. Once again, Designer Ashok surprised us by an excellent professional website design. The honourable Managing Director of our company appreciated him and given an appreciation letter on our official letterhead. G.K Print House Pvt. Ltd is delighted to work a top quality professional website designer in India and would like to continue with service with him forever.

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